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Atheens D. Savannah, Ga

"Evolution in Action was the third of three bids I got to repair the foundation of my house, and was by far,
the lowest bid. Henry came out immediately, assessed the problems and gave me his estimate. Two days
later he and his crew were on the job. They did an amazing job, not only repairing everything on the
contract, but actually doing extras to make my house more stable."
"Henry and his crew are professional and knowledgeable. I will need more work later on other areas of my
home, and I will consider no one but Evolution in Action. Thanks Henry!"

Monty C. Swansea SC

Ironically, the 1840's half of our old farmhouse is rock solid, but the 1940's addition was literally falling
down. Henry Benton and his crew were a pleasure to watch in action, from initial estimate to completion of
the project.  This was a major remodel which involved taking a third of the structure back to bare ground
and placing piers, beams, joists, and sub-floor.  

Mr. Benton's estimate was 1/3 less than any competitors and he handled our change orders (creating open
space archways) with expertise and minimal charge.  Other companies wanted to use as much old lumber
as possible and told us the job would take at least two weeks.  Evolution in Action used all new materials
and had their final check in just three days.  We will certainly call them again should the need ever arise, as
the difference in our house is truly amazing and valuable.

John B. Murrells Inlet, SC

Prompt, knowledgeable, accurate, experienced, EXTREMELY hard working and timely, neat and orderly,
courteous fair pricing... While my particular repair (Purlin Anchor replacement) is not visible outside the
crawl space peace of mind is priceless. Three man 'crew', 36+ anchors, 8 total hours, installed
METICULOUSLY - wow !  Mr. Benton was a pleasure to 'partner' with.

K. Davis Atlanta Ga

I am very satisfied with Evolution in Action. The floors in my very old home feel much more stable. It was
easy to communicate and schedule and appointment with the crew who were prompt and completed the
job sooner than expected.

J. Price, Savannah, Ga

I am extremely happy my house is now on a proper and stable foundation. This company will get your
project completed  correctly and efficiently

W. Richards

Scope of work changed as Henry and crew dug a little deeper into our foundation repair job.  He
recommended a course of action, quoted a fair price and finished promptly!  Thanks Henry!

A. Parrott

Foundation repair can be a scary and daunting task and not one to be taken lightly. Evolution in Action put
my mind at ease with an extremely knowledgeable staff and quality workmanship. I was very impressed
with the communication and level of professionalism they provided. They transformed my old sagging and
bouncing floors into a solid and level surface that to this day still amazes me. I highly recommend them and
welcome anyone that wants proof of the quality of their work to visit my home and jump on my floors!
... And there's nothing more important than picking the right  company to make sure your
foundation is repaired properly. Our customers say we're the best in the business, because we  
are dedicated to completing each project in a professional and timely manner. If you are still
not convinced, a reference list will be included with your inspection/estimate.  

Mark B. Savannah, Ga

My wife and I have a 118 year old Victorian house.  The entire corner needed foundation work. It had a 4
inch drop.  We called quite a few so called experts and we were not impressed. Our real estate agent
suggested that we call Henry Benton with Evolution in Action Remodeling and Foundation Repair.

My wife and I couldn't have been more impressed.  Henry gave us precise details of the work required
(which by the way all the others said we'll have to get back to you) along with the exact cost and the exact
time to start and finish the work.

Henry is not one of these absentee owners that subcontract everything out. He is completely hands on and
when I say hands on he's working hard right along with the crew.

Henry also much to our surprise said you pay me when I'm done. All the others wanted 50 percent or more
and extremely vague about the work. Others even stated we'll know what's involved once we start..
Absolutely not Henry professional,  precise and did exactly what he said he was going to do.

He showed us all the work and explained his work in detail. Henry made sure we were satisfied. Most
important of all a lifetime warranty but we know we'll never have to call upon it due to the outstanding
work. We know of other people that have used him Also and everyone has high remarks. Don't hesitate
because you can't be in any better hands with Henry and his company.

C. Williams, Canton, Ga

We are so pleased with the quality of workmanship, professionalism and fair pricing with this company.  
We initially had some hesitation after reading the previous reviews.  We spoke to Mr. Benton about our
concerns and he patiently waited as we checked references and did our due diligence.  He provided an
extensive list of prior work/customers and we called at least 75% of the list.  Every customer was legitimate
and their non-published reviews were beyond positive-we only wish they had posted their reviews.

Our home is older and Mr. Benton spoke with us multiple times with regard to the plan for repair and
encouraged our questions. We were told how long the project would take and how much it would cost.  
There were no surprises and there was excellent communication.

The gentlemen (Adrian, Nate & D'Andre) that worked on our home were professional, intelligent and
respectful.  They worked long days to ensure that our project was done well and completed on time.  

We would highly recommend this company and we hope that Mr. Benton adds us to the reference list. You
can trust them, and if we ever need foundation repair or remodeling in the future, this is the team we will

Dr. A Sherriff, Charleston SC

I don't write reviews often but I felt that I needed to write one for this company. When I had a property that
I was selling, the inspector found a lot of damage in the foundation.  I got three quotes and Mr. Benton had
the lowest price.  I didn't choose him for that reason, but as we spoke, i came to understand that the
method he used made more sense than one of the other quotes.

And as I spoke to a structural engineer he agreed with Mr. Benton's plan of action. The work was done in a
quick and timely manner.  The buyers wanted a inspection done by an independent engineer and the report
stated that in the 30 years that he has done inspections the work done on this job was one of the best that
he's seen. The sale continued and I can't say enough about this company. I would and will recommend this
company forever.  

April T. Charleston SC

I can't say what the case may or may not have been with the other three reviews here, but for my own
experience I can say that Henry and his guys are awesome. I purchased my house in Beaufort SC in 2016.
When I had the pre-purchase inspection, some concerns were noted about the foundation in the

The homeowner at the time hired a "mason" (I have my doubts about his professional knowledge), who
assured that all was fine and nothing needed repair or replacement. I am now selling the home, less than
two years later, and was devastated to find out that the buyer's inspection not only turned up the same
concerns, but stated that if extensive repairs weren't conducted soon the home could be at risk for
structural failure.

I almost lost the sale because the buyer was so spooked, and Ram Jack quoted me $24,600 to fix it!
Thought the grace of God I found Henry, who came to the house the very next day. I went under the house
with him, and he took the time to show me everything that was wrong, explain why it was wrong, and what
he would do to fix it. I appreciated his honesty and patience. All in all the job cost $9,500, which I felt was
fair considering the amount of work to be done.

His guys were there first thing the following morning and completed the job in three days. Prior to
beginning work Henry gave me paperwork that explained the general process, including possible
complications and what to expect. The information stated that the quote does not include debris removal,
but Henry and his crew piled up the discarded material in a neat pile that was easy to clean up. No personal
trash was left. I am awaiting the buyer to have the work inspected, as was agreed in the purchase contract
for the home.

Joe T. Charleston, SC

EIA has done a few jobs for my clients.  They get in and get the work done fast, and get it done right.  
Structural work is not by any means easy, and having the knowledge to give an absolute price at estimate is
pretty impossible, and changes should be expected however, these guys work hard to stay within there
quoted budget every time. I will continue to recommend them to my clients, as well as use them again

Connie G. Rincon, GA

Evolution in Action is a top-notch company! I found them to be very honest, hardworking, and extremely
reliable. Prior to contacting Evolution in Action, I had called another contractor for an estimate on some
structural repairs needed underneath my mother's house. This particular contractor quoted me a
substantial price and told me my mother had extensive damage and would have to move out of her home
while repairs were being done.

I decided to schedule an appointment with Evolution in Action to have them access the damage and give me
an estimate. I was extremely happy and pleasantly surprised when they came out and told me that the
damage she had was not as severe as I was originally told, she could remain in her home while repairs were
being done, and the price was way, way less than the other contractor had given me.

The workers that came out were very courteous and knowledgeable! My mother is thrilled with the service
that was provided and we would not hesitate recommending Evolution in Action. In fact, I plan on using
them to do some work in my own home!
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